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Cornell University

May 2024
Ithaca, New York
  • Major: Hospitality/Business Administration
  • Minor: Computer Science
  • Academic Awards: Dean's List, Ye Hosts Honor Society

Business Administration

  • Organizational Behavirol and Leadership Skills
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Writing
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Business Computing
  • Hospitality Quantitative Analysis
  • Marketing Management for Service Operations
  • Business and Hospitality Law
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Management


  • Introduction to Hotel Operations
  • Introduction to Foodservice Managment
  • Foodservice Management, Theory, and Practice
  • Restaurant Management
  • Introduction to Wines and Vines
  • Hospitality Development and Planning
  • Hospitality Facilities Management
  • Principles of Hospitality Real Estate


  • Communications for Entrepreneurs
  • Law for Entrepreneurs
  • Entreprenurial Management

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computing Using Python
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures
  • Discrete Structues
  • Data Structures and Functional Programming
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-Driven Web Applications

Founder and CEO

Spekld LLC
West Hartford, Connecticut
September 2022 - Present
  • Spekld is the first ever stick of brown butter, offering amazing brown butter flavor in an instant without the hassle
  • Raised $86,500 through five pitch competitions and entrepreneurship awards.
  • Formed an LLC, worked with a packaging designer, conducted benchwork testing in Cornell Food Labs, conducted over 200 customer discovery interviews
  • Organized a small pop-up at Small State Provisions and sold out of 60 sticks of butter in under three hours
  • Presented a 10-min pitch at Cornell’s Business Plan Competition (30 teams), placed 1st, awarded $50,000 (2024)
  • Presented a 10-min pitch at Cornell’s Hospitality Pitch Deck Competition (25+ teams), placed 1st, awarded $3,000 (2023)
  • Presented a 3-min pitch at Cornell eShip Kickoff and won the Cornell eLab Pitch Competition, awarded $1,000 (2023)
  • Participated in the Northeastern Dairy Innovation Competition as one of ten finalists (50+ applicants), awarded $20,000 (2023)
  • Presented a 10-min pitch at Cornell’s Hospitality Pitch Deck Competition (30+ teams), placed 2nd, awarded $1,500 (2022)
  • Presented a 3-min pitch at Cornell’s Blackstone Big Idea Pitch Competition (10+ teams), placed 2nd, awarded $1,000 (2022)

Software Engineering Intern

WillowTree Apps
Durham, North Carolina
May 2022 - August 2022
  • Implemented new features and fixed bugs on the CBC Gem app across mobile and TV platforms, working 40hr/week
  • Developed code in Android (Kotlin/XML), collaborating with senior software engineers, project manager, and client
  • Created a functional gas pump order and pick up MVP web application with a six interns for Dover hackathon

Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Computing with Python

Cornell University
Ithaca, New York
August 2021 - May 2022
  • Assisted 20+ students in lab sections twice per week to answer assignment and Python coding questions
  • Hosted office hours to offer one-one-one help with students struggling with challenging Python concepts

Head Bakery Assistant

Small State Provisions
West Hartford, Connecticut
June 2021 - August 2021
  • Oversaw pastry and specialty good production (100+ pastries per day), creating original recipes each week
  • Managed the front counter, assisting 75+ customers daily with purchases, recommendations, and orders
  • Developed a menu item cost analysis Excel model to determine the food price and gross margin of products

Founder and CEO

Pop-Up Sourdough Business
West Hartford, Connecticut
December 2020 - January 2021
  • Organized a four week subscription for 23 people, baking and delivering 100+ sourdough loaves and baked goods
  • Created a dynamic Excel spreadsheet to manage finances (tracking profit and costs) with visual charts

Culinary Summer Camp Director

Elmwood Community Center
West Hartford, Connecticut
June 2018 - August 2019 (seasonal)
  • Developed lesson plans and recipes to teach students (ages 6-12) various culinary skills and techniques
  • Led a team of 2-3 camp counsellors to help organize culinary activities for 12-15 students for six, one week sessions

Coordinating Assistant

Plan-it Vicki Event Planning
Avon, Connecticut
October 2018 - January 2020
  • Helped to coordinate and orchestrate events including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings (100+ attendees)
  • Set-up decor, developed vendor relationships, and adhered to strict timeline over 8-10 hour event shifts
  • Adapted to unforeseen challenges, adjusting schedules and resolving issues to ensure client satisfaction

Executive Vice President

Epsilon Nut Tau - Professional Entrepreneurship Organization
Ithaca, New York
September 2021 - Present
  • Present at 200+ student marketing events to recruit 50+person applicant pool and organize applicant interviews
  • Collaborate with executive board (eight members) and run weekly general body (35+ members) meetings

Project Manager / Android Developer

Cornell AppDev
Ithaca, New York
September 2021 - May 2023
  • Oversaw nine-person team of designers, developers, and marketers in creating and maintaining Eatery
  • Eatery, the team’s flagship app with over 10,000+ monthly users informing Cornell students about campus eateries
  • Develop new Android features in Java and XML, working 5+ hours weekly and collaborating with other subteams
  • Orchestrate, 30 minute, standup meetings twice per week and monthly one-on-ones with all nine team members

Culinary Team Director

Crème de Cornell
Ithaca, New York
October 2020 - May 2022
  • Lead weekly culinary team (15 member) meetings, assisting with idea generation and original recipe generation
  • Headed recruitment for the culinary team in interviews and selecting applicants from a pool of 50+ applications

Pastry Function Manager

Hotel Ezra Cornell
Ithaca, New York
October 2020 - April 2021
  • Actively participated in weekly meetings and assisted the pastry team in developing menu items for meal boxes
  • Designed four unique and original shortbread recipes and led a team of 10 volunteers to prepare over 300 cookies